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E-Co.. 81 mm area - 1969Phan ThietHdq. - LZ Betty 1969Captured weapons No. English 3/70Temp. Hdq. No. English 3/7081 mm sunk in mud 11/69 along Rd. QL-2110' boa FSB Lance 2/69Sunset - No. EnglishJungle deer3/506 LRRP squad - Billy Rice - No. English-3/70"Spooky" with infrared & mini-gunHuey gunshipM-60 practice - FSB Tape 3/702nd of two B-52 runs - FSB Tape 2/7081mm White Phosphorus round -QL21 Dec 6911/69 Convoy to Ban Me Thout from Phan ThietFB Andelle - NW of Phan Thiet-69Ox cart & Whiskey Pacification Op 6/69Oldest papasan in the village -Pacification Op. 6/69Whiskey & C-Co post - Pacification Op 5/69