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Dan Linn, Zero Week, Fort Bliss, Texas - Early June 1969Dan Linn at the Fort Bliss Reception Station, 9 June 1969Dan Linn at the Small Arms Rifle Range at McGregor Range.McGregor Range from the AirDan Linn at the Infiltration Course at McGregor Range, July 1969.Dan Linn, BCT, Fort Bliss, Texas - McGregor Range, July 1969Dan Linn during a lunch break at McGregor Range, July 1969Dan Linn back at McGregor Range in 2006.Dan Linn Practicing "Reporting for Pay Sir"Mary Jane Linn visiting Fort Bliss on the “Moon Landing Holiday”Dan Linn with the 3rd Platoon, Basic Combat Training, Fort Bliss, TexasDan Linn, Graduation Day, Fort Bliss, TexasDan Linn's Company B BCT Photo BookDan Linn Leaving Fort Bliss, Texas 16 Aug 1969Dan Linn Arriving at Fort Ord, California, 16 Aug 1969Dan Linn’s barracks at Fort Ord, CaliforniaDan Linn at Fort Ord in 2004Duke Masters and Sammy Lee at Fort OrdDan Linn and Sammy Lee, AIT, Fort Ord, Calif. Sept 1969Dan Linn at Fort Ord, California